Crust – Fenton Michigan

Crust Fenton MI

The next time you are in the Fenton area dropping off documents to my office or are just out and about, you’ve got to give Crust a try!  I was there the other day and got the #1 Bialy Egg Sandwich with Vermont Cheddar and Applewood smoked bacon….WOW!  Thank you can I have another?!

They serve breakfast and lunch, have fresh loaves of bread, pies, sandwiches, coffee, cookies, cakes and a lot more!

I love it because the everything is prepared using unbleached/unbromated flour that is non-GMO!  Crust produces over 120 different baked goods and all are handcrafted using traditional baking methods.

So, give it a shot or don’t….but if you don’t you are missing out!