Did your credit score improve on July 1st?


40,000,000 Credit Scores Could Improve on July 1st, 2017 Did your credit score improve July 1st? Here is why. Starting July 1 another portion of the National Consumer Assistance Plan will go into effect and it should have a big impact on credit scores. The Repositories; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion will exclude public tax lien [...]

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Fannie Mae Eases Student Loan Guidelines


Fannie Mae announced last week that they would provide relief for those looking to purchase or reduce student loan debt.  Before April 27th, 2017 a home buyer looking to purchase a home would have to count 1% of their student loan balances as a monthly payment and include that in their debt ratio regardless if [...]

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Michigan Mortgage Rates Continue to Improve After Last Weeks Fed Announcement


Mortgage rates continue to get better after last weeks Fed announcement raising the rate by .250%.  But, wait a minute, did you say that mortgage rates continue to get better after the Fed RAISED the rate?  Yes, because when the Fed raises the rate it is raising the rate at which depository institutions lend other [...]

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Earnest Money Deposits


What is an earnest money deposit?  Simply put, an earnest money deposit or EMD for short is a deposit that you provide when making an offer on a property you would like to purchase.  This shows the seller you are serious about purchasing their home. If you are obtaining a mortgage, the EMD is a [...]

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VA Tidewater


My buyer is using a VA loan and I just received a call from my loan officer and they said that the VA appraiser initiated Tidewater?  What the heck is Tidewater?  In a simple explanation, when an appraiser initiates Tidewater, that means that they are having a difficult time finding comparable closed sales to bring [...]

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Crust – Fenton Michigan


The next time you are in the Fenton area dropping off documents to my office or are just out and about, you've got to give Crust a try!  I was there the other day and got the #1 Bialy Egg Sandwich with Vermont Cheddar and Applewood smoked bacon....WOW!  Thank you can I have another?! They serve [...]

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